Sentech and Sensolus start their partnership

Sentech and Sensolus start their partnership with asset tracking
It’s a fact, since August 1, 2021: The partnership of Sentech and the Belgian company Sensolus. Sensolus develops asset trackers that are connected to an IoT platform. In this collaboration, Sentech is responsible for the sales, installation and configuration of this solution in the Netherlands.

The container & equipment rental industry depends on thousands of pieces of non-connected physical equipment (assets). These assets play a critical role in daily processes and workflows. Just think of, for example, containers, trailers and transport packages.

Many businesses encounter problems because a number of these assets are lost and can no longer be traced. Information about the use of an asset is sometimes also lacking. By providing an asset with a tracker that is connected to the internet, you have almost real-time insight into the asset’s location data.

Sensor integration in asset tracking

The asset tracker can be combined with all sorts of sensors to, say, measure temperature and humidity in a container. This possibility of sensor integration is one of the reasons why Sensolus has joined forces with Sentech.

Filip van Lancker, Head of Partnerships at Sensolus, about choosing Sentech: “The solutions offered by Sensolus are customer-specific. Together with our partners, we create a solution that optimizes logistics management and production processes. The Sentech team has the know-how to take on complex integration projects. Their approach and quality make them an excellent partner for Sensolus and for our collective customers in the Netherlands.”

Marcel Figge, Managing Director of Sentech, about Sensolus as a partner: “We’re partnering with Sensolus because they have been active in asset tracking for years. They know the fine points of the trade — from the development of reliable hardware to the roll-out of a user-friendly application platform. Their solution offers concrete optimization insights to customers.”

At first, Sentech will be focusing — in the Dutch market — on the waste container and equipment rental branches. This mainly concerns companies who lease this type of equipment.

How do you make your equipment traceable?

Certainly when you lease (valuable) material, you want to limit the risk of loss or theft. Traceable containers or equipment also contribute to more efficient business operations. For example, you can elect to have insight into parameters such as occupancy utilization or fill rate.

How do you make your equipment traceable? With the Sensolus total solution for asset tracking, there are countless possibilities.

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